Healing energy for body, mind and soul

malas, mantras and meditations

Healing energy for body, mind and soul

SATYA MANI stands for blessed, buddhist prayerbeads that are made in harmony with nature and in the interplay of traditional wisdom from ancient times. Strengthened by the intuitive understanding of natural forces to create energetically powerful things.

Malas are buddhist prayer chains used for reciting and counting mantras. They are traditionally made of precious stones, beads, seeds or wood. The malas from SATYA MANI are already known worldwide for their beneficial vibration - so they are also often worn as energising jewellery and as a protective talisman.

I create each mala devotedly in meditative handwork, accompanied by tibetan healing chants (mantras) and in trusting spiritual guidance of my mentor Ngagpa Jorden Thinlay, the respected healer and shaman from Tibet. Through his blessing they are completed.

Here on the left you can hear the mantra of White Tara chanted by me, Acha Uli-la.


On request I can make a very personal and unique Karma-Mala for you - based on the karmic hereditary calculation which is created for you by the Tibetan shaman Jorden Thinlay. This mala will be an individually made unique piece, which will have a powerful effect on the chakras to which you are allowed to turn especially in order to achieve an energetic balance. Karma malas are highly appreciated for their beneficial effect on body, mind and soul and are exclusively available at SATYA MANI.

They are also particularly suitable as a gift from the heart, as only the names and date of birth are required to create the karmic inheritance calculation. A Karma-Mala is free of personal preferences, because the combination of healing stones is created with ancient, shamanic knowledge. Let go of your ideas and gratefully accept which mala may accompany and protect you.

The three malas that you can see below this text are karma malas that I have already been allowed to make in trust. They show you how different and unique they are. Just like the person for whom they were created.

How you can create your own karma mala, I describe here -> Karma-Malas


The tibetan symbol of happiness, Chintamani, has always embodied the divine. In its perfected essence, it shines with all-embracing love and compassion - spreading its blessings in all directions, as the basis for all deeds, words and thoughts. This is why this special lucky jewel is also deeply anchored in Tibetan tradition. It appears on the back of the wind horses of Tibetan prayer flags and on countless thangkas (murals). Tibetans say that a chintamani fulfils the selfless wishes of its owner.

You can wear your chintamani on your karma mala, on a mala of your choice or on a plain chain.

Here are some examples


With my first album "Love & Compassion" a long dream of mine comes true. For many years I have been singing Tibetan mantras to bring positive energy into the world. I see it as my task to bring our fellow human beings into contact with these powerful healing chants. These recordings were made in close collaboration with Xoxi Huber, a great musician. They are meant to bring all-embracing love, compassion and joy of life into our lives.

Mantras protect our spirit and especially in these challenging times it is very healing to let these ancient healing syllables accompany us. The love that flows through our voices and the vibrations that spread through our bodies are beneficial for body, mind and soul. Chanting the Tibetan mantras opens the heart and gives inner peace.

You can find more info and audio samples here