What are malas?

Malas are Buddhist prayer chains used for reciting and counting mantras. They are traditionally made of precious stones, beads, seeds or wood. The malas from SATYA MANI are known for their beneficial energy - so they are often worn as an energising piece of jewellery or as a protective talisman - as a necklace around the neck or wrapped several times around the left wrist. Each mala consists of 108 beads and unites at the guru bead. The end is decorated with tassels, pendants or other stones.

Each mala from SATYA MANI is handmade exclusively by me, Acha Uli-la, devotedly and in meditative handwork and during the recitation of Tibetan healing chants (mantras). I purchase the healing stones exclusively from certified mineral dealers in Germany with whom I have been working for years.

To ensure that the malas are well protected, they are wrapped in a mala bag made of genuine Tibetan brocade. I choose the colour to match your mala. This fabric is often found in Tibet as altar cloths or as a border for sacred thangkas. If you are not wearing your karma mala, it is advisable to leave it in this bag. This way it is protected and softly bedded.

A detailed description of the effect of the healing stones and their energetic purification is of course enclosed with each mala in the form of a small booklet.

Warranty / Repair

Especially in these challenging times, I notice that malas are also very stressed by the strong energies. This shows well how much they are connected to us and how receptive the healing stones are.

In addition, malas are used intensively for recitation and worn as energetic jewellery. Their length alone puts more strain on them than short necklaces. Even with the highest quality materials and careful manufacturing, it is completely normal that the thread can break. It does not mean that the mala is no longer needed from an energetic point of view!

Every mindful person attaches great importance to preserving their mala, which is equipped with blessed and healing stones. Out of respect for the gifts of Mother Earth and sustainability, I ask you to let me heal your mala when needed.

Malas from SATYA MANI have a two-year guarantee from the date of purchase. This means that if your mala tears, I will reknot it for you free of charge and replace any missing elements. Of course, this only applies if it has happened without any external influence (e.g. getting caught).

Repairing a mala is very time-consuming, as it has to be completely opened and reknotted. I charge 45 € for this after the two-year guarantee period has expired.

Every mala that finds its way back to me is, of course, also coarsely and subtly cleaned and equipped with healing energy. In this way, you will receive a mala from me that shines again in its brightest light.

I look forward to holding your mala in my hands again and to healing it.

Please send your mala carefully packed to the following address:


Uli-la Wiechmann

Geranienstr. 5

D-82031 Grünwald