rLungchi Energy Spirals

Developed by Grandmaster Jorden Thinlay - exclusively manufactured by SATYA MANI

We are very pleased to be able to present a powerful world novelty, behind which a long development work has been done and into which the profound knowledge of the Tibetan Grandmaster Jorden Thinlay has flowed: Our unique rLungchi spirals - each of which is made in deep meditation and accompanied by mantra chanting, exclusively handcrafted by me, Uli-la.

These exclusive and unique energy spirals combine the cosmic energy of Kundalini vibrations with the healing powers of selected minerals. This visible energy flow of the Yin and Yang polarities helps people, and all living beings in the vicinity, to achieve more harmony, bliss and inner peace.

What does rLungchi mean?

We have examined and chosen this term with care and consideration. It is composed of the two words rLung and Chi. rLung (pronounced Lung) is the Tibetan word for wind, movement and energy. In Tibetan medicine, one speaks of the five elements (wind, fire, water, earth, space) - through these elements, the human being connects with the world and the universe. Here, rLung is most closely connected with the energetic flow. Chi stands for vital energy and life force, as well as for people's emotions. It represents the only constant variable in an ever-changing reality. When chi is activated and flowing, body, mind and soul are in harmony.

What is Kundalini?

It is the primordial force and cosmic energy that, according to Tantrism, is anchored at the lower end of the spine of every human being. It is symbolically depicted as two loops that are twisted into each other and is described as a dormant potential of consciousness. When awakened through spiritual practice, it meanders up and down along the central energy channel. In the process, the seven chakras are activated and brought back into flow.

Which energetic mineral stones are used?

The inner, high-flowing, red spiral of carnelian brings your feminine yin energy back into flow, while the outer rock crystal spiral promotes and releases the divine yang energy. Carnelian gives courage, self-confidence and healthy curiosity. It conveys a strong sense of community and steadfastness. This healing stone gives us joie de vivre and makes it easier to face and overcome everyday difficulties. It has a warming effect on our sacral chakra and supports us in making the right decisions in the area of love and partnership. Rock crystal is a light-bringer and clarifying mineral. It promotes the sense of spirituality, leads back to lost values and promotes clarity and neutrality. It consolidates one's own point of view, provides inner serenity, brings self-knowledge and helps to overcome spiritual limits. The central message of the rock crystal is: Be who you are!

These unique energy spirals are available exclusively from SATYA MANI. Each rLungchi spiral is presented in a high-quality wooden box. This makes them a stylish and energetically powerful gift.

Your very own individual rLungchi spiral for targeted energy flow: On request, the rLungchi spiral can also be created as a personalised version according to the karmic genetic make-up (price on request).