Chintamani - the wish-fulfilling lucky jewel by SATYA MANI

The Tibetan symbol of happiness, Chintamani, has always embodied the divine. In its perfect essence, it shines with all-embracing love and compassion - and spreads its blessings in all directions, as the basis for all deeds, words and thoughts. This is why this special lucky jewel is also deeply anchored in Tibetan tradition. It appears on the back of the wind horses of Tibetan prayer flags and on countless thangkas (murals). Tibetans say that a chintamani fulfils the selfless wishes of its owner.

One of my heart's desires has come true: after many months of development work, I can happily offer my own Chintamani creation as a powerful pendant jewel for the healing malas of SATYA MANI. This beautiful gem was created in close collaboration with the wonderful goldsmith Alexandra von Guillaume, who convinced me not only with her outstanding craftsmanship, but also with her particularly warm and cheerful nature. Every last detail of the Chintamani was carefully worked out in her studio and finely handcrafted. The exclusive pendants are made of solid 925 silver and are also available high-quality gold-plated (999.9 fine gold).

If you choose a Chintamani on a simple chain, you will receive it in this enchanting case. This makes it a very good gift for good luck.

If you like to wear your chintamani on a silver/gold chain, you can find matching silver/gold chains here.

Chintamani refinement

If you want your Chintamani to be especially precious and unique, you can have a gemstone of your choice or - as shown in the picture - an osmium diamond inserted as the centrepiece. Just ask me and I will make suggestions.

Have you heard of osmium?

Osmium is the rarest precious metal on earth and 30 times more valuable than gold. It is also called The Sunshine Element. By crystallising this metal, you get a surface that reflects sunlight unbroken and radiates in all directions. It has the density of all elements and sparkles like the most beautiful starry sky. Each osmium diamond is unique in its structure and a beautifully sparkling one-of-a-kind piece that also serves as a store of value.

With every Osmium Diamond you will receive a certificate from the Osmium Institute, which guarantees its authenticity. At the same time, you will be entered in the official register as an Osmium owner.

Here you can find more information about osmium