Acha Uli-la

Master of rLung Raku Kei, spiritual healer

Acha is the Tibetan word for sister, which expresses our deep connection to each other. We are all one.

Already in my childhood I was fascinated by all topics around Tibet, meditation, healing stones, mantras, Buddhism and spiritual healing. Even then I noticed that I had the ability to see and perceive more than my fellow human beings and that I had a particularly beneficial effect on them.

On my path of spiritual development, I met the Tibetan shaman Ngagpa Jorden Thinlay in 2010, who took me in as his student and still accompanies me today. Among other things, he trained me in Tibetan hand healing and singing bowl therapy, which I am allowed to pass on to my fellow human beings.

During a meditation I had a vision of knotting malas and chanting mantras as a Tibetan nun. I saw myself in a past life and knew that my calling was to spread these healing tools for meditation. So I began making Buddhist prayer chains in close and trusting collaboration with my mentor, the Tibetan shaman Ngagpa Jorden Thinlay. His blessing was the prerequisite for me to venture into making malas.

The malas of SATYA MANI combine the effect of healing stones, the spirituality of a prayer chain and the Tibetan art of healing. I create each mala with my all-embracing love while chanting or reciting healing mantras. This is how beautiful, energetic and powerful unique pieces are created, which are already appreciated all over the world.

With the production of the malas I began my spiritual work towards the outside world, which now includes a whole spectrum of healing methods. I also offer mantra meditations, energetic treatments and incenses.

The deep power from which I draw.

In a moving initiation ceremony, I received my blessing from Ngagpa Jorden Thinlay to make healing malas. I am deeply grateful for my introduction to spiritual thought, truthful action and the passing on of his knowledge. So, in the richly decorated meditation room, I received from his hand the white silk khata specially blessed by the Dalai Lama. And the certificate issued and signed by my mentor as a sign that the student has become a consecrated one - empowered to pass on the universal energy. Since that day I have also cherished a very special gift: He bequeathed me a wonderful elephant bone mala from Tibet, which supports me in my spiritual work.

Ngagpa Jorden Thinlay

The spiritual healer and shaman Jorden Thinlay was born in 1956 in Tuna, Tibet - not far from the place of the gods, Lhasa. His special abilities were discovered and nurtured in his early childhood. He completed his training in various monasteries in Tibet, India, Bali and Thailand. For decades he has cared for and accompanied fellow human beings with the most diverse illnesses. His healing successes are remarkable. As a rLung Raku Kei Grandmaster, Usui Reiki Master and Nerve Touch Instructor, he teaches the Tibetan Kum Nye meditation technique in Europe and Asia and gives instructions in Tibetan hand healing. He also treats his patients with singing bowl therapy, Tibetan yoga, numerology, colour and light therapy and he teaches these spiritual disciplines to interested fellow human beings.