Which stones support my personal development?

How do I get a mala that is attuned to my karmic tasks?

Through which healing stones can I energetically balance my chakras?

Which method do I use to find the right mala for a loved one or myself?

I am often asked these questions. And from this arose the vision of making healing and personal malas from the appropriate minerals for my fellow human beings.

For this purpose, I use the result of the karmic inheritance calculation as a basis. This is a calculation system developed by my mentor, the Tibetan shaman Jorden Thinlay. Through his many years of experience, he has already been able to help countless people achieve greater well-being and a better understanding of their own being.

Karma malas are made based on the karmic inheritance calculation carried out by Ngagpa Jorden Thinlay. Tibetan numerology, Tibetan astrology and shamanic primal knowledge all flow into this. With this information and my profound knowledge of the healing effects of minerals, I make malas during my meditations and accompanied by mantras, which gently balance the energy of body, mind and soul.

Each of these malas is of course unique and will not be made again by me. Karma malas have an individual and powerful effect on the chakras to which one is particularly allowed to turn. In addition, the malas from SATYA MANI are known for their particularly beneficial energy.

You may trustfully place the choice of minerals in our hands. I am happy to incorporate personal wishes regarding the size of the mala and the finish.

What will my own karma mala look like?

This question is probably asked by everyone who has heard about the karma malas. Each mala is as unique and beautiful as the person for whom it is intended. It is possible that you would have chosen other colours or healing stones yourself. I like to compare it with the asanas in yoga - the exercises that come easy to you, you like to do. The ones that your body, mind and soul need, you like to skip. Letting go of fashionable tastes and trustfully accepting the wonderful power of the stones are necessary if you want to welcome your personal karma mala.

Everyone who holds their mala lovingly in their hands knows that it belongs to them - just as it is.

The energetic compensation for a karma mala is 360 Euros, if your mala is to receive a finish that I choose to match your karmic themes and the stones of your mala. If you wish me to enhance your mala with a Chintamani Lucky Jewel, the price changes to €450 (silver version) or €522 (gold version).

Each karma mala is equipped with the minerals that are suitable for the respective person for about 30 years. After that, the karmic tasks change. So you will enjoy it for a very long time.

On the pictures below you can see some of the countless Karma-Malas I have already made.

If you would like a unique Karma-Mala from SATYA MANI, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Tashi delek,

Yours, Acha Uli-la