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Lotos Seed

In Tibetan Buddhism the lotus has a very big meaning – linked to nature and grounding. These seeds are from the fruit of the lotus flower. They have a very big storage potential for the energy of mantras. A mala made of lotus seeds represents absolute purity, symbolises wisdom and power. These seeds have soothing properties which ease anxiety. Therefore they are ideal for a deep meditation.



Mythological tradition:
Since ever the coral is worshipped almost by all people as magical protective stone and powerful healing stone. The Egyptians were convinced that coral, used as burial objects, kept away bad spirits from their deceased. All ancient civilised peoples expected from that grown stones from the depth of the ocean hope of healing. It shall work as a protective shield against the evil and black magic.

Spiritual perception:
Coral has an organic origin and has a very special effect on our soul. The coral is fragile and delicate - it wants to be cared for, to be respected and gives its power through gratitude. It gives us a deep grounding. This protective stone preserves us from jealousy and enviousness and gives energy and vitality.

Chakra assignment:
Muladhara chakra (Root)



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