SATYA MANI stands for highly blessed Buddhist Mala prayer beads, handcrafted in harmony with nature and in the interplay of traditional wisdom of the ancient times, strengthened by the intuitive and deep understanding of natural forces.

I create every Mala by myself with the spiritual devotion of my mentor Grandmaster Jorden Thinlay, the renowned spiritual healer and shaman from Tibet, offering an unique spiritual journey full of energetic power.

You are looking for something even more special? Real masterpieces of spirituality are the highly personalized Karma Malas, based on the karmic genetic calculation of Grandmaster Jorden Thinlay. I create these very powerful Malas upon request: individually made unique pieces, which have a powerful effect on those chakras, to which one should turn especially to. The stones selected with profound knowledge support the energetic balance of body and mind.

Every SATYA MANI Mala is knotted by hand and energetically strengthened with my all-encompassing love during my meditations - enhanced with the blessing of my Tibetan spiritual mentor.