Garnet with Naga-Shell

Garnet with Naga-Shell

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Mythological tradition:

According to the legend, garnet shines in the dark - in the spiritual sense. Also called carbuncle, this stone illuminates the soul and brings light and hope. It has always been regarded as the stone of the heroes, who faced difficult trials. Only by grinding and polishing the garnet can unfold its true beauty. In the Middle Ages, the garnet was worn as an amulet, and blessing, wealth, and happiness were promised. As a fire of eternal transformation, it is esteemed in India, and in Buddhism the garnet is regarded as a sacred stone. Hildegard von Bingen also greatly appreciated its healing effects.

Spiritual perception:
The garnet gives us new hope - even if life seems hopeless. It helps to keep getting up again and strengthens the inner flame. Self-confidence and joy of life - courage and hope - endurance and confidence - all of this is learned through the shell. It gives us the courage to start a new life, to break away from the old. Energetic blockades are released by wearing the garnet. Physically he gives us regeneration.

Chakra assignment:
Muladhara Chakra (Root)

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