Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal

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Rock crystal

Mythological tradition:

The rock crystal is perhaps one of the most legendary gemstones and it is said that it has the strongest healing powers and is since ever used as booster for energy and strength. In all cultures it was known as treasured healing and magic stone. It is said that it dispels negative energies and demons. The Greek believed that the stone embodies not defrosting eternal ice. The Romans were convinced that inside the rock crystal is the home of the gods of Wisdom, Courage and Faith. For the wise men the look inside the transparent stone conveyed a crystal clear view on the things of the world.

Spiritual perception:
The rock crystal is a bringer of light and enlightens all one’s aura. It promotes the sense for spirituality, leads back to lost values and promotes clarity and neutrality. It strengthens the own stance and provides inner serenity. This stone brings us self-awareness and helps us to overcome mental barriers. Through the mountain crystal and its vibration of light we wish for us to achieve entire enlightenment during meditation. The central message of the mountain crystal is “Be who you are!”.

Chakra assignment:
Sahasrara-Chakra (Crown)



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