Amazonite with Turquoise

Amazonite with Turquoise

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Mythological tradition:
The mysterious “Amazon Stone” from “the land of women without men” – with which we mean the legendary Amazons from the gigantic vastness of the Amazon river region. Its magical powers are used by psychics, tarot card and rune readers. In Egypt it was used as a holy stone and a guardian from poison.

Spiritual perception:
The amazonite promotes self-definition and stimulates to take charge of yourself. It helps to detach from the imagination to be a victim of the overwhelming destiny. It gives mental balance, equalises mood swings and presents us with inner peace. Through it we solve problems with sense and intuition. It restores a healthy confidence in God und helps to get over grief.

Chakra assignment:
Vishuddha- and Anahata-Chakra (Throat and heart)



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