Would you like to have a unique Mala with selected high-class mineral stones, that exactly match your personal needs? An outstanding Mala that accompanies your body, mind and soul in a powerful way? An incomparable one-of-a-kind masterpiece of spirituality, made only for you, supporting the energetic balance of your chakras?

Deeply enjoy the energetic power of personalized SATYA MANI Karma Malas: These spiritual masterpieces are individually crafted Buddhist prayer beans, precisely matching your personal karmic challenges. Karma Malas are made on the basis of the karmic genetics calculation, developed by my spiritual mentor Grandmaster Jorden Thinlay. They are individual one-of-a-kind pieces, which have a powerful effect on those chakras, which you should turn to especially.

Their particularly beneficial energy is achieved by the concise analysis of your karma, which is calculated on the basis of a very complex spiritual numerology in relation to the planetary constellations. By this procedure we can determine exactly, which of your chakras needs special support in your current phase of life. Each Karma Mala is handmade of precious mineral healing stones, which are the right ones to accompany you for about 30 years, energetically balancing your body, mind and soul. I create your Karma Mala during my in-depth meditations, combining your karmic genetics calculation with my profound wisdom about mineral stones. Each Karma Mala is of course truly unique, only made once.

Depending on which mineral stones I need, the price for an individual and energetic powerful Karma Mala is between 300 and 350 EUR. If you wish to have one, I am very happy to receive your message: kontakt@satyamani.de